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Each of us, photographers, has a specialisation. I prefer to take aphotos at studio, but if you want to rent me outside – fell free!

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before you born...PREGNANT PHOTO

I adore the sessions with pregnant women. As I am a mother myself, and really love the period of pregnancy and discovering of miracles my body is able to, I have a great respect to the pregnancy. The woman body is incredible, and I appreciate the occasions for immortalization of this evanescent, very special time.

  • you may have with you several different T shirts and sports bra for the photos with a naked belly.
  • I recommend you to choose for the photos the simple clothes, preferably of neutral, uniform colors. To avoid the visible traces, I recommend future mothers to abstain from wearing the tight elastic clothes at the belly in the day of a session.
  • in case of family members, an option of naked photos for little children and newborns may be discussed.
  • If it does not disturb the husband, he may also be photographed without a shirt.
  • I like also when all the models take uniform white shirts, to create a consistent appearance
  • in case of the open air session, I advise to bring with you several versions of clothes: the colors may have attractive appearance in natural scenes, and the women are amiable in the slip-on skirts or summer clothes.
  • some details may help to create the interesting belly photos. I may ask the customers for such objects as ultrasound photo, wooden letters forming a baby name, or some other important toy you have bought for your baby.

I try to make the belly photos simple enough, so usually I do not ask to bring too much details, but several special objects may be very useful 🙂

Session duration time: up to two hours

...day afterNEWBORN PHOTOS

The sweetness and innocence of the newborn are able to touch your heart. I adore all little babies, so I take it as a compliment, when I am asked to immortalize their wonderful faces in the first days of their life. The making of newborn photos may be very oppressive, and I have to admit that I also had similar feeling in the beginning. Fantastic portrait of babies may be obtained when a child is warmed, satiated and sleepy.

  • I recommend to make a session from 5 to 14 days from a child birth date – the baby is sleepy and inclined to posing.
  • I advise to make some actions required to make the newborn session smooth and easy. First of all, I advise the mother to give me a child for the time of undressing and posing. The baby is accustomed to your smell and voice, so even if it is satiated it may wish to eat instead of sleep
  • I also ask you to bring with you the caps, shoes, which the parents would like to be included into the session.
  • I do not advise to wear the heavy clothes – the best photos are naked photos or photos in baby linens (covered with something).
  • if a child has a brother or sister, I try to include them in some photos, under condition the elder children are ready for cooperation.

Newborn session duration: up to 3 hours

How Far In Advance Should You Book Your Session?

“You should book your session as far out as possible, as early as your second trimester. I usually book sessions 3-4 months in advance and for busy photography seasons, it can even be 5-6 months out. I’ve received many of phone calls from parents who have just given birth who want to book an appointment and I have no availability left. Then they get very sad because its such a short window of time to take those special portraits and they missed it.”

What If Babies Don’t Arrive On Their Due Dates?

“I hold time before and after so the parents are guaranteed a space no matter when their baby arrives.”



The milestones-based planning of sessions since the first year
I think that instead of planning the portrait sessions depending on a given age of a child (such as three months, six months), it is batter to apply the milestones-based planning. Major part of the children approach to these milestones in the same sequence and generally in a same time, however it is not advised to agree the six-months child session in order to discover that it is not able to sit yet (so, the child should be posed, like at the previous session). The photos in such a case will not show the important changes in a child.
For this reason, each session is planned based on a milestone achieved by a child, independently of its age:

  • four-three months: smiles, babble
  • six to eight months: sitting, babble
  • eleven months to one year: standing, walking.


I think that open air sessions are ideal for the small children. Give them a space to discover and interesting things they can observe – and you will see them happy and engaged.

Session duration: one hour 


  • the art is to show the parents the importance of immortalizing of unique, wonderful personalities of their children,
  • let’s give the children an opportunity to plan themselves the clothes for session – it will afford them a great pleasure in this age
  • the children in a school age like to engage into the different affairs – such as sports, music, etc., and they usually have an idea how to include their hobbies into the photos.

Session duration: one hour

to be an eye of youCANDID SHOT

The candid shots are the photos illustrating the real truth.

The subject of candid shots is usually a person, but it is not obligatory. The candid shots do not only consist in the selection of a subject, but rather in the ability to mark a subject, in the manner of making photos, which creates the image character.

For candid shots, baptismal ceremonies, First Communion ceremonies and other events, I will be present in a previously agreed place. Beforehand, I arrange a meeting, where we discuss the details of our cooperation.